Amazon is the fastest-growing advertising channel in the United States. Is your marketing strategy as strong as possible? Known to online retailers as the only advertising agency on Amazon that ranks among the top three digital advertising channels, our responsive and well-known approach enhances your profitability and growth potential.

Advertisers who want more clarity on their Amazon products can bid for specific keywords to pay for these placements, increasing visibility in Amazon SERPs. When an Amazon buyer clicks on your ad, it is advertised. You can view the Amazon ad platform as a version of Google's Amazon ad.

Advertising Amazon Is Worth It!

Should You Consider Amazon Marketing Services?

Do you sell products online? If the answer is yes! than it should be advertised on Amazon! It will give you another way to have more eyes on your products, and there will probably be more buyers. If in doubt, start with a product that you are awarded for best, because it will sell well online. Once you start to observe a return on investment, boost your campaign. Another considerable reason to use Amazon is the considerable fact that you can boost and improve Amazon's organic rankings as well! The sales record is a very strong ranking factor. If the product sells better, Amazon will rank it higher in the search results. Thus, not only can you increase the sale of your product by investing in Amazon ads, but you can also increase the organic ranking of your products. Can you honestly improve?

Consider Marketing On Amazon

Benefits Of Amazon Marketing

Having products superior to the Amazon search list is a dream for all sellers. It helps the seller get the best experience and insight into their product. The giant of online shopping, Amazon is paying a small price for this, but only for clicks, not imagination. The seller is clicking to pay, not to withdraw. As a result, the seller has the correct option to advertise their products through advertising, or PPC model.

  • Higher Rating - If you want to get a higher rating for your Amazon products, it's a good idea to contact an Amazon specialist. It will make your product visible on the home page of Amazon, which may appear below its competitors.
  • You can get to the viewers and buyers - Amazon customers browse the website to find the products needed. The relevant compatible advertising saves advertising when product information appears alongside targeted search. You can immediately click the link whenever you want. It is one of Amazon's marketing strategies.
  • Pay Per Click, Unimagined - This is a unique feature for Amazon sponsored ads. No need to pay for the ad effect. You only pay when the user clicks on your PPC ad. The seller does not need to pay separately using their credit card to advertise products that provide financial support. When the credit rating reached by the seller, Amazon immediately deducts the proceeds from the sale to the advertiser. Therefore, this is generally a smooth transaction.
  • Global access - Products uploaded through PPC or compatible publications have global visibility. A PPC campaign receives 1 million visits to your product in seconds. Even if some users click on the link and book their orders online, you can still sell many products on Amazon.
  • Measure your success - Amazon provides a financial support product report that helps sellers measure and improves their CPC activity. It allows the seller to work well with these keyword combinations.
  • Device Ratio - Another characteristic of Amazon PPC is its nature. The link of sponsorship is displayed in Amazon apps on mobile phones like smartphones and tablets. Advertising prices are defined as the most profitable way for advertisers. The seller does not pay for the traffic generated by the sponsor. He creates his budget and only pays the maximum offer.
  • No activation fee - The seller registers almost free in the Amazon PPC campaign because it does not require an activation fee.
  • Subscription fee - Each seller can start their PPC activity at any time. They don't have to pay the subscription fee to take care of their product in PPC mode.

Amazon Ads Mechanism

How It Works

How Amazon Advertising works is simple. To start a PPC activity, you need to follow these three easy steps:

  • Select the product you want to advertise on Amazon.
  • Select the most appropriate keywords for your ad. Use your keywords or choose keywords offered by Amazon.
  • Set the maximum cost you want to pay for your ad. Paying for every click (PPC) or Amazon ad, as the ad appears at the top of Amazon's search menu, is a smart choice for more traffic to your products.

Best Amazon Marketing Service

Our Amazon Marketing Agency Grows Businesses

Making more sales and reducing advertising costs (ACoS) is a big challenge. As for our advertising agency on Amazon, it is not a new agency. With decades of experience, as well as a dedicated team of Amazon advertising professionals, our agency can provide an Amazon PPC strategy that will improve the cost of your advertising, improve your sales statistics, and reduce ACoS. However, we should provide clear reports so that you can see your success data. Below you can find more information on how to do business on Amazon with the help of our agency.

Hire Amazon Advertising Agency!

Why Us For Advertising On Amazon

At Bizz Directions, we help our clients grow their business. In the past five years, our Amazon advertising agency has helped our client companies earn more than $ 2.3 billion in revenue and manage more than nine million transactions. Through our unique data-driven approach and our industry-leading expertise, we can help your business increase its competitive advantage.

Growth-Focused Amazon Advertising Strategy!

Our Amazon Marketing Strategy

Choose Bizz Directions as your partner, and you can expect the following:

By Amazon Professionals!

Marketing Strategy

Based on your brand and your business needs, we plan a custom campaign mix to beat your competition and exceed your marketing goals.

Pre-Focused Data Analysis

Main Inventory Analysis


Ads Optimization

Hands-on testing, open lines of communication, and detailed reporting and analysis help us discover new opportunities and increase your profitable growth.

Bid Management

Keyword Research

Listing Optimization

Highly Monitored!

Campaign Execution

Our expert Amazon analysts use special technology to identify and take action with the greatest impact, with a focus on improving your return on investment.

Campaign Management

Monthly Reporting

Start Today!

Sponsored Ads

Like supported advertising products and brands (formerly known as Top Search Ads), it enables you to reach Amazon customers while searching for and discovering products. These ads help sellers promote item listings and bond them with such items that are under view by the potential customers. Ads usually appears on product pages and relevant search results, directing customers to the product or store detail page. Easy to start:

  • Get the products you want to advertise.
  • Set your budget.
  • Select the products, product categories, and keywords you want to target.

Once started, it is a good idea to know why these ads are useful. Advertising has many benefits because, You only pay for performance, you will not be billed until a customer clicks on your product ad and always checks your campaign budgets and developing stability without a guessing game. Also Amazon will suggest the keywords that can be use for biding on, or you can target products similar to yours. Allows you to view statistics like monitor ad performance and optimize results to increase keyword change or adjust bids as needed.

To Boost Your Business!

Understanding Amazon Advertising Platform

Amazon is the ideal place for the businesses that are product-focused. It is an effective way to present your products to the consumer in the same place where your competitors are. Using the tips mentioned above, you will surely develop a sound marketing strategy for using Amazon product ads.

Consider Amazon Advertising

Ads appear within product searches, as advertisements, or as suggested products. When you advertise on Amazon, you only pay for your ad after the customer clicks on your product.


  • How Much Do Amazon Ads Cost?

    On average, Amazon advertisers pay $ 0.81 for each click on their ad. The important thing to remember is that the cost is not limited to stone. The costs of your advertising campaign depend on your competition and your budget. If you compete for highly competitive keywords, you can expect to pay more for them.
  • How Does Amazon Advertise Their Products?

    Amazon does not sell the product, but rather comforts and practices. Amazon primarily directs customers to its website through a number of specific online marketing channels such as Associates, Sponsored Search, Portal Advertising, Email Marketing Campaigns, and other initiatives.
  • why Amazon Marketing Services?

    By using signals such as search keywords, related products, interests, and buyers' purpose, Amazon Marketing Services helps brands increase demand for products. Brands can register with Amazon Marketing Services for free; They only pay when buyers click on ads.
  • Can We Use Amazon Reviews In Marketing?

    Using Amazon Reviews to grow your business. Amazon product reviews in or related to your field can help you create or update your products, identify content that will resonate with your audience, and even refine your marketing messages.
  • Why Is Amazon Very Successful?

    Amazon's success comes largely from its innovative technologies and practices, which have been championed by many CEOs, Jeff Bezos. Innovative technology was a huge investment for the e-commerce giant. One reinforced exceptional results.
  • What Is Amazon Business Strategy?

    Amazon's business strategy is based on one main goal: seamlessly connecting the mortar and digital shopping experience to be part of every purchase. Their retail marketing services and solutions include customer-centric strategic initiatives, data tactics, and technology support.

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Amazon Advertising Packages


Small Size Companies


  • Keywords Research
  • Product Advertising
  • Strategy Development
  • Campaign Setup

Medium Size Companies


  • Keywords Research
  • Account Manager
  • Product Advertising
  • Strategy Development
  • Campaign Setup
  • Reporting Pannel

Enterprise Level


  • Keywords Research
  • Account Manager
  • Product Advertising
  • Brand Advertising
  • Strategy Development
  • Campaign Setup
  • Reporting Pannel
  • Bid Adjustments
  • Promotion Management
  • Coupon Management