BigCommerce is a leading e-commerce company, offering excellent scalability to online stores. BigCommerce is also the world's leading cloud e-commerce platform for established and rapidly growing companies. It has more integrated sales tools than any of its competitors, and it combines these features with advanced SEO and high multi-channel integration. BigCommerce combines business functionality, open architecture, application ecosystem, and market-leading performance, and enables companies to increase online sales at 80% less cost, time, and sophistication compared to local software. BigCommerce supports B2B and B2C eCommerce for over 60,000 brands, over 2,000 midsize companies, 30 Fortune 1000 companies, and industry-leading brands.

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Why BigCommerce App Development?

There are few options available now if you're looking for an e-commerce platform, but there are only a few that are great. BigCommerce is really one of the best platforms and for that it has variety of reasons.

In short, it is 100% secure, remarkably easy to use, and provides the most useful features and tools for you that have already been created. You can take advantage of BigCommerce on your own or let the developer configure it. Either way, you will get excellent results.

BigCommerce eCommerce Development

Benefits Of BigCommerce Website Development

Keeping You Safe

PCI Compliant And Secure

For any severe e-commerce business, security is always a significant concern. When it comes to safety, it is still more comfortable to use a hosted platform because you will get better quality integrated security features than you would if you were hosting yourself.

Any account in any plan with BigCommerce will provide you with strong security and PCI Level 1 compliance. If you need something else for your business, there is also an institutional level that protects against cyber-attacks on your system, as well as multiple layers of security. Here are some of the security features you get:

File Scanners

Firewalls Surrounding The Server

Intrusion Detection

Monitoring 24/7

Cyber-Attack Security

These of the features gives you the peace of mind if you are willing to run an online business, so you can only focus on making the site as successful as possible.

BigCommerce Developers For You

Amazing Payment Features

We come to an essential component of any electronic commerce platform, the payments department. Honestly, you cannot get a better service than BigCommerce for your payment features because it allows you to take almost any form of payment.

Plus, you can use any payment gateway you prefer without charging, like many other hosted e-commerce platforms. More than 40 payment gateways are pre-integrated and serve more than 100 countries, including more than 255 local payment methods. BigCommerce have the payment gateways available through its platform.

Even with all these payment options, there is still some limitations when paying if your site is not 100% mobile optimized. It means that your website must not only be easily readable on your tablet or phone but must also be ready to accept all transaction through mobile payments. BigCommerce gives you the tools to allow any type of wallet so that your customers can click and pay directly from their phones without any friction.

Well, accepting the payments with the digital wallets like Apple Pay, PayPal, Chase Integrated Payments, VISA, Master, and Amazon Pay Check out with a single click.

Our BigCommerce Development Services

BigCommerce Development Company

Bizz Directions use BigCommerce to build and grow amazing websites in no time. Experience the unique features of robust eCommerce solutions that have been thoroughly tested and used productively by our multiple clients. We have defined stages for your successful business trip and provide an e-commerce solution that finally gives you the best return on investment. We created successful online stores with BigCommerce, and this business helped us grow from nothing to everything in a short period.

BigCommerce Development Agency

Choosing Us For BigCommerce Theme Development

Bizz Directions has accredited BigCommerce developers and have years of experience and knowledge in BigCommerce development. Our developers are always ready to assist you and help you identify opportunities to improve your return on investment. It is necessary to hire a BigCommerce expert to provide the maximum benefits of the platform, and we are doing precisely that. BigCommerce developers hired today to get this fantastic website you've always dreamed of. Our developers have enough experience to handle any business challenge. All you have to do is trust us, and we will give you the best.

BigCommerce Development Strategy

BigCommerce Local Development Process

BigCommerce Experts

BigCommerce Store

Choose the perfect BigCommerce website design that suits your website and makes it look attractive. We are here to set up your ecommerce store and make it look amazing. Our expert development team offers fast, secure, and green BigCommerce stores.

BigCommerce Designers

BigCommerce Themes And Templates

Just as we take care of ourselves to make us look good, sites need fixing, too, for websites with an essential design. If your website design seems regular and outdated, don't worry. We are here to design a custom form template designed for your websites to make them look attractive.

BigCommerce Professionals

BigCommerce Payment Gateway

Payment doors through which the customer pays for purchases. Do you really need a payment gateway for your BigCommerce site? If so, we are here for you. Our developers are experienced in building easy to use payment gateways.

BigCommerce Designing For Your Need

Designing BigCommerce Store

We have a team of designers with lots of experience. We are here to create your amazing BigCommerce store. We will design this fantastic store that will amaze your customers and give them an impressive first impression of your site.

Fully Customized BigCommerce

BigCommerce Theme Customization

Are you thinking of updating the theme of your store? If yes, we have a team of designers who can do it for you. We offer fully personalized and responsive themes that will help you enhance your brand.

Professional Developers

BigCommerce API Development

Our experts are experienced and have developed BigCommerce APIs for many clients in the past. Do you also want to build the API of the BigCommerce store? If yes, hire our developers and get the best API development services.

We Are The Experts

Migration To BigCommerce

Are you planning to migrate your current website to BigCommerce? If so, then it is an excellent idea. The highly experienced BigCommerce developers will do it for you. We will migrate your old site to BigCommerce.

BigCommerce Development

Bigcommerce is one of the strongest hosted online store builders I've tested. Above all else, it is very easy to use.


  • BigCommerce Vs WooCommerce?

    BigCommerce and WooCommerce are two of these products, but they are both very different. BigCommerce is an e-commerce website builder that has helped nearly 110,000 people build their own online store. WooCommerce is an open source WordPress plugin that gives existing websites the ability to sell online on the other hand BigCommerce a productive ecommerce platform.
  • What Is BigCommerce?

    Bigcommerce is a paid "hosted" e-commerce solution that enables business owners to create an online store and sell their products online. It is a program as a service (SaaS) product, which means that you do not own the program, but pay a monthly fee to use it.
  • How Does BigCommerce Work?

    Going with digital marketing, you can get an target audience in a way that measurable, accurate and cost-effective. Digital marketing can help you to get more reach and customers by spending less money.
  • How Much Is BigCommerce?

    At first glance, BigCommerce pricing plans directly: the standard plan costs $30 per month, the Plus plan $80 per month and Pro at $300 per month
  • What Is BigCommerce Built On?

    The CSS framework for both systems differs slightly; uses regular BigCommerce CSS, Shopify SCSS is based on SASS.
  • Why Use BigCommerce?

    It allows you to set up your store, add products, and earn money through your website. But that is not all. BigCommerce is a dedicated e-commerce creator, which means it is designed to help you sell online. With many built-in features, data tools, and more, BigCommerce is best for large or fast-growing companies.

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Small Size Companies


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  • SEO Ready

Medium Size Companies


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  • Development
  • Store Setup
  • SEO Ready
  • Content Writing
  • Articles/Blogs

Enterprise Level


  • Design
  • Development
  • Store Setup
  • SEO Ready
  • Content Writing
  • Articles/Blogs