Facebook is the world's largest social networking website based on global reach and active users. There are approximately 240 million Facebook users in the US alone. Only one country has more Facebook users than the US. The US is a large portion of social media users turn to social media to search for the brand and obtain information about products and services, creating many advertising opportunities for global sellers on these platforms, especially on Facebook.

Facebook Digital Marketing Is Working!

Why Should You Focus On Facebook Marketing?

In the US, spending on social media marketing is expected to grow in the coming years. Given its position as the market leader, Facebook is in a positive and promising position. Facebook is already the most important and widely used social media platform for marketers. In 2017, about 94% of marketers reported using Facebook to market their businesses, before Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Facebook is particularly popular with commercial consumer (B2C) companies as well as B2B (business-to-business) companies, and around 97 percent of B2C marketers in North America mentioned using the platform compared to 86 percent. Percent of B2B sellers. Despite Facebook's widespread popularity, 40 percent of marketers remain unsure of the effectiveness of their Facebook marketing, while only 34 percent believe that Facebook's marketing approach is practical.

Does Advertising On Facebook Give You What You Want?

Time To Go For Facebook Ads

Facebook's popularity among sellers and consumers translates into the company's advertising revenue. Ads accounted for 95% of Facebook's total revenue in 2017. That year, the company generated around $ 39. billion in ad revenue worldwide. In terms of platforms, the mobile phone is already one of the leading advertising flows for Facebook. It shows healthy expectations, as the returns of its global mobile ads are expected almost to double between 2017 and 2021. Due to a substantial number of users Facebook in the United States, the country is a primary advertising market. For Facebook, In 2015, almost half of Facebook's total revenue was generated in the US. The USA By 2018 and Facebook advertising revenue in the US is expected. USA Reach around $ 19 billion. The company also has the second-highest net advertising revenue in the United States and is expected to maintain this ranking in the coming years.

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What Should To Expect From Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Optimization First

Optimized Pages

Our graphic designers ensure that your pages look attractive and professional. Before starting to post, we fixed your page for better conversions and a new look.

Facebook Marketing Needs Posting

Post Regularly

Don't worry if your pages remain active. We publish 1-2 times a day to keep your audience interested and interested in your products or services.

Facebook Ads Need Attention

Interactive User Engagement

Our graphic designers ensure that your pages look attractive and professional. Before starting to post, we fixed your page for better conversions and a new look.

Follow-Up For The Followers

Increasing Followers

We are a Facebook marketing company that uses advanced technologies to grow your Facebook page significantly at a low cost .05 cents continuously.

Do Not Forget The Sales

Increasing Clients

Regardless of your potential customer, we increase your customer base and increase your sales with low-cost, targeted advertising that leads consumers to your website and store.

Reach Back For Those Who Liked You

Re-Targeted Site Visitors

We use the targeted ad to re-engage visitors to your website with a strategic ad every time they log into Facebook that allows your brand to remain a priority.

Facebook Marketing Agency To Hire!

Best Facebook Advertising Agency

Main Street ROI specializes in Facebook advertising services for small businesses. We will prepare and manage your campaigns to ensure that you spend wisely and generate as many leads and sales as possible. We greatly enhance Facebook audience reach with compelling ads that appear in front of the right audience at the right time.

Facebook Advertising Strategy That Rocks!

Benefits From Our Facebook Marketing Strategy

ROI Focused Strategies

The return on investment is the fuel that keeps your business engine running. Through our mutual incentive pricing, the better you do it, the better we will do it. Let's grow your business together.

Unlock The Budget Potential

Each dollar you spend should be considered an investment and spent wisely. We make sure to use your budget to reach your full potential so that we can expand our campaigns and increase traffic through careful improvement.

Click-Through Rate Optimization

We know what catches the customer's attention, arouses interest, and curiosity. We know how to get clicks on your website. Our team is made up of designers from the best technology companies in the world, such as Google and Salesforce, who work on images and advertising videos. Your ads will stand out and attract the attention of your customers.

Audience Targeting

Show your ads to the right people. People who will not only click on your ads but also people who will become customers for life. With advanced targeting strategies, we create the perfect customer avatar and drive sales for you at the lowest cost. You should setup the ads by targeting the audience by:





Facebook Advertising

Facebook's paid advertising system is designed to help advertisers collect and work with data. The advertising program uses a code called Pixel that lets you know more about your audience and the actions they took based on performance data.


  • How To Advertise On Facebook?

    Log into Facebook Ads Manager account and select the campaigns tab, then click "Create" to get started with a new Facebook ad campaign, select a name for your campaign. Now set up your ad account and set target your audience. Now choose your Facebook ad placements and set your budget and schedule and create your ad.
  • How To Create A Facebook Ad?

    Set some goals for your Facebook Ads then head over to "Facebook Ads Manager". Now, choose your main objective. Define your audience and your budget. Now, create your ad and choose your ad placements.
  • What Is Facebook Marketplace?

    Facebook Marketplace is a digital marketplace where users can organize the purchase, sale, and exchange of items with others in their area. All transactions are made outside the application and are in no way considered the responsibility of Facebook.
  • What Is Facebook Business Page?

    The Facebook business page is a free opportunity for companies to increase brand awareness and make sales on Facebook. To create a Facebook business page, just log in to your personal Facebook account, click "Create page" in the drop-down menu, then follow the steps to create your business profile.
  • What Is Facebook Blueprint?

    Facebook Blueprint is an e-learning platform that offers free courses at your own pace on Facebook and Instagram. Since its launch in 2015, more than two million people have enrolled in at least one of the 75 available online training courses.
  • How do I Contact Facebook Support?

    Click below the cover image of the page. Select the Search Support or Report page. To submit comments, click the option that best describes how this page conflicts with our community standards. Depending on your comments, you can send a report to Facebook.

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