Google Ads, officially known as Google AdWords, is Google's ad system in which advertisers bid on precise keywords so that their clickable ads appear in Google's search results. Since advertisers have to pay for these clicks, this is how Google makes money from search.

Depending on how competitive your keywords are bidding and how relevant that keyword is to your company's actual conversions, AdWords may or may not work for you. For the most part, we've found that Google AdWords is beneficial for many types of companies, as long as they don't waste their money on the wrong keywords or write sparsely populated ads with low CTRs.

Should AdWords Really Worth It?

Why Google AdWords?

Starting the Google AdWords campaign, at its most elementary level, is an effective way to drive search engine traffic to your website.

It can also show a vital role in gaining the reach of your advertising campaign, especially if it is a short-term advertising campaign as opposed to a long-term campaign, where SEO and other digital marketing techniques can also play a role.

People exposed to graphic ads are 155% more likely to search for brand terms and slides. Google supports graphic ads, through its 2 million Display Network partner websites, and text ads, on a search engine results page.

You Should Really Focus On Google

Benefits Of AdWords Google

Outrank Competitors

If your target audience can't find your site, they're not going to buy from your brand. That's why many organizations turn to Google ads. They know that this is a powerful advertising platform and it will allow them to pay and to climb to the top of Google SERPs for selected key phrases. It can be valuable for brand awareness and is a particularly common approach for e-commerce stores, who can bid on keywords related to the products they stock and use it as an ongoing source of leads and sales. E-commerce businesses can even run Google Shopping ads to reach people who are already looking to make a purchase.

Larger Audience

Another important feature of search engine advertising is that it can benefit from a broad potential audience. When the brand first starts, brand awareness is one of the biggest initial challenges. In the past, building a brand was a long and slow process that required time, money, and persistence. Increased Audience These days, anyone can do business if they can get round Google AdWords Express, text ads, Facebook ads, and the complexities of the Display Network. It is good news for experienced marketing educators because it equals the stadium. If you are an international brand or a local company, you can reach the same group of potential customers. Small businesses that can't afford to hire a full-time ad specialist can also search for Google brands and hire someone to search for keywords and organize an ad campaign on their behalf.

Target Audience At Right Time

There's an old saying that advertising and marketing revolve around reaching the right person in the correct place with the correct message at the correct time. Different platforms have different strengths. The right message for the Right Audience at the right time, For example, a YouTube ad can allow you to connect the power of a great video, while a remarketing list can help you reach people who have previously shown a desire to buy. One of the best things about Google Ads, including the Display Network, is that your ads can be pre-scheduled according to specific rules. For example, if your brand contains a chain of pizza activities, you can set up Google ads promoting daytime deals and group lunches. You can configure your campaign to stop working while the store is also open.

Measurable Growth

Lastly, and perhaps most significantly, one of the most significant advantages of running a AdWords campaign is that, like most aspects of digital marketing, it is entirely quantifiable. It is especially true if you syndicate it with Google Analytics and other extent tools. It applies to everything from campaign thumbnails sites to eCommerce stores. It is essential because while driving traffic to your business website is good, it doesn't accomplish anything unless people take action. You can reach a high click-through rate and a low bounce rate, but your ad campaign will run at a loss unless you also gain a high conversion rate. Measuring your CTR and conversion rate means that once you're satisfied with the performance of PPC ads, you can expand your ads to increase traffic and increase conversions. And if your budget starts to run low, you can cut it again, too.

Yes! You Need Google AdWords Agency

Start Your Google AdWords Campaign

Do not choose an ordinary agency. Google recognizes Bizz Directions as a premium partner in AdWords, so we know how to create and optimize campaigns to grow.

Not all businesses have the possessions to hire a team of AdWords experts. If you don't see the results of your campaign's paid efforts and feel like you're just laundering money, it's time to contact us. Bizz Directions AdWords management company has worked with clients in all areas, helping them to restart their paid campaigns and turn them into profitable gears.

After managing thousands of AdWords campaigns, we know what we are doing. We don't waste your money on unnecessary testing and mistakes because we already know what works and what doesn't. We'll fix your account structure, evaluate your keywords, find better opportunities, create attractive ads, and more. Sounds like a good deal?

We Are Google AdWords Professionals!

Why You Need Google AdWords Expert?

Market Research

Before we begin, we work with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your company and its products. Next, we look at your paid campaigns, describe ways we can improve them, and find opportunities for long-tail keywords that you may not benefit from.

Result-Oriented Strategy

While other agencies implement the same strategies for each client, our Google AdWords company believes that personalized strategies are more effective. That's why we put a point in building our strategy around your unique goals, target customers, and product offerings. Additionally, we use detailed demographic targeting to ensure that your campaigns are targeted only to consumers interested in your brand.

Campaign Management

Configuration Our first work item when configuring your campaigns is to set your account structure with ad groups, redirect lists, product feeds, keywords, negative keywords, and more. Then we create ads designed to seduce your target audience as well as the landing page that will allow them to follow the conversion process.

All You Can Target!

Types Of AdWords On Google

Search Engine Advertising

The Google search advertising is a group of search-related websites and applications where your search advertising may appear. When you promote on the Search Network, your ad may seem close to the search results when somebody searches with terms related to one of your keywords.

The most common ad type is paid search advertising on the Search Network. These search engine optimization advertising appear labeled "ads" on the search results page and may be marked as "Google Ads" on associated sites. It often appears with ad extensions, allowing advertisers to include business details such as location or phone number in their ads.

Where Search Advertising Appear

Your ads may appear with Google search results and on other search sites when your keywords are relevant to a user's search.

Google SERPs

Ads may appear above or below search results in Google search. It can appear alongside, above, or below search results on Google Play, Google Shopping, Google Images, and Google Maps, including Maps.

Google Affiliated Websites

Ads may visible with search results on Google search partner websites, as part of a search, or in a related link block. For text ads, search partners include hundreds of non-Google websites, in addition to Google Video and other Google sites. Product marketing ads may appear on search partner sites that show and link to products for sale. The click-through rate (CTR) of ads on search partner sites does not affect the Quality Score on

Display Advertising

The Google display advertising can help you reach people as they browse your favorite websites, watch a YouTube video with a friend, verify a Gmail account, or use mobile devices and apps.

How Digital Display Advertising Work

The online display advertising is designed to help you find the right Audience. Your targeting options allow you to strategically display your message to potential customers in the right place at the right time. Smart, dynamic display advertising combines the best automatic targeting, offers, and creatives to maximize your Google ad conversions.

Move User With Visuals

Showcase is your opportunity to attract users with attractive ad formats. These are some types of targeted display advertising that you can show on the Display Network:

Responsive Display Ads

The Ads on Google Display Network have partially generated automatically with responsive ads. To create it, simply enter your ad text, then add your images and logo, and Google will optimize your ads to improve performance. Both new and progressive users benefit from responsive ads because they appear as original ads and combine with the look and feel of the publisher's website.

Announcements To Engage

Display the ad by using engaging photos and videos on YouTube and the Display Network.

Gmail Ads

You can show expandable ads on the top tabs of the user's inboxes.

When Ads Shows

While the search network can reach audience when they are already looking for a specific good or service, the Display Network can help them get someone's attention earlier in the buying car. You can show your ads to people before they start looking for what you have to offer, which could be crucial to your overall advertising strategy. You can also remind people of what matters to them, just like remarketing to people who previously visited your site or app.

Google Shopping Ads

If you are small business owner than you can use shopping campaigns to promote your local and online inventory, increase traffic to your local website or store, and find better-qualified leads. To get started, you will send us your product details with the Merchant Center and make a campaign on Google Ads. Then we will use your campaign to make ads on Google and on the site where potential clients can see what you are selling. We call these locations shopping announcements because they appear differently and more visibly. Unlike text-only text ads, Shopping ads show users a picture of your product, as well as a title, price, store name, and more. These ads give users a solid idea of the product they sell before clicking on the ad, giving you more qualified leads.

Benefits Of Shopping Ads

Qualified Leads

As a merchant, you can grow the quality of your leads by containing product information directly in your ads to assist shoppers make informed purchase verdicts. It styles shoppers more likely to complete a buying on your website.

Retail-Centric Campaign Management

Instead of key phrases, Shopping ads use the product features you defined in your Merchant Center data feed to visible your ads on relevant searches. Glance your product inventory directly in Google Ads and make product groups for the items you need to bid on.

Broader Reach

More than one of Shopping ads can visible for a given user search and, if appropriate, a Shopping ad and a text ad also be visible at the same time. It means you influence with shoppers for a single search could double.

Competitive Data

See how your products are executing at any level of granularity you need. Like, you can see how many clicks a specific brand of SUV got just by riddling your products view, no new merchandise groups needed. Use benchmarking data to gain insights into your competitors, Identify growth prospects with impression share statistics and the Bid Simulator tool.

How Shopping Cart Advertising Work?

Shopping Ads use data from existing Merchant Center products, not keywords, to determine how and where your ads appear. The product data you send through the Merchant Center encompasses details about the products you sell. We will use these details when we link a user's search to their ads, making sure to display the most relevant products.

You run Shopping ads on Google using Shopping campaigns, which is a flexible and straightforward way to establish and promote your Google Merchant Center creation inventory within Google ads.

Types Of Google Shopping Advertising

Product Marketing Ads. It is created based on the data of the product that you send in the Merchant Center.

Product Image Display Ads

You will create them in Google Ads by grouping related products. In this way, people can compare many of their products and click on the appropriate one. Learn more about what a product photo ad is Local Catalog Ads.

They use the feed data gave by local inventory ads to engross users of the Google Display Network and help drive traffic to their local stores. Learn more about local catalog ads.

Where Your Ad Appears

Here you can see shopping announcements on the Web:

  • Google Shopping tab (for selected countries)
  • Google search alongside search results (other than text ads) and Google images
  • Google search partner sites (if your campaign is configured to include search partners)
  • The Display Network, that includes Gmail, YouTube, and Google Discover.

Shopping ads can visible at the same time as text ads as we need to give shoppers entree to a complete variety of products that match their search. It means that buyers can find the best combination before clicking to make a purchase, which can help you close the sale.

App Advertising

As an app advertiser, you want to get your app into the hands of more paying users. So, how do you connect with those people with a new strategy for marketing an app? Mobile app advertising campaigns streamline the process for you, making it easy to promote your apps across Google's most significant properties, with Search, YouTube, Google Play, Google Discover, and Display Network. Just increase a bid, few lines of text, some assets, and the rest is optimized to assist your users to find you.

How App Marketing Works

First of all, you need an app marketing agency because, unlike most Google ad campaigns, mobile app marketing doesn't create individual ads for app campaigns. Instead, we'll use your text ideas and assets, including assets from your app store listing, to design a variety of ads across multiple formats and networks.

Where In App Advertising Appears

Your app marketing strategy can work, and the ad may appear on all Google sites. It includes Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, the Google Display Network, AdMob, Google Discover, our search partners, and many publishers who host app ads. Here are some places where your ads can appear:

  • Google search network
  • Google search
  • Google search partners

Google matches your ad with search terms related to your app or category. Google Ads creates your keywords in several ways, including using Google Play search terms that brought people to your app.

Google Play
  • Google Play search results
  • Section of applications related to Google Play: "You may also like" and "Related to this application."
  • Google Play home page: "Recommended for you."

Google can show your ads to people searching for terms and applications related to your application. Your ads may also appear to people who visit the app details page for an app similar to yours.


Pages or related content on YouTube.

Google Ads can place your ads on YouTube, where they are likely to be clicked, and your app is expected to be downloaded.

Google Display Network


Other apps

Mobile websites for news websites, blogs and other websites on the Internet

Campaign Bidding And Optimization

App campaigns offer three different ways to improve your marketing goals:

Focus on getting more installations. Google Ads will enhance your offerings and targeting to help you get the newest users for your app. The offer you set should be the average amount you want to spend each time someone installs your app. As an advanced option for testing new Google Ads, you can target the users who are most likely to install and implement a specific action. For this option, you will continue to bid on the facilities.

Focus on driving actions within the app. If your goal is to find more treasured users, and the main activity within the app is tracked as a conversion event, use this option. Google Ads will target the people who are most likely to complete specific actions in the app you have set up and selected for this campaign. Set your target cost per acquisition (CPA) as the average amount you want to spend each time someone takes a specific action within the application in your application.

Google Adwords

Google AdWords, is an advertising system in which advertisers bid on specific keywords in order for their clickable ads to appear in search results.


  • What Is AdWords And How It Works?

    Google AdWords is Google's advertising system where advertisers bid for specific keywords so that their clickable ads appear in Google's search results. Since advertisers have to pay for these clicks, this is how Google makes money from search.
  • Is Google AdWords Free?

    In short, AdWords is a paid advertising product from Google. And they only have to pay when someone clicks on the ad. This is known as a cost per click ad (CPC).
  • What Is Google AdWords Used For?

    Google AdWords is Google's online advertising program, which enables you to create online ads to reach audiences interested in your products and services. The AdWords system works with Pay Per Click (PPC) ads, which means that you pay every time a visitor clicks on your ad.
  • What Do AdWords Cost?

    The average CPC for Google ads ranges from $1 to $2 on the search network. Average CPC on the Display Network is less than $1. If you are advertising on the Display Network, try our free Smart Ads Creator to create new graphic ads in minutes.
  • Do AdWords Really Work?

    Yes, AdWords costs money, and often when advertisers start, they may not allocate all of their marketing dollars to the right places, leaving them to lose faith in the platform.
  • Are Google Ads Safe?

    It is safe to click on Google's advertising program as advertisers who will pay money to show ads. However, if you really intend to achieve something by clicking on the ad, you can.

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