Shopify is an e-commerce company, that is known for its eCommerce platform for online stores and point of sale systems. Shopify offers a group of online retailers a range of services, including marketing, payment, shipping, and client engagement tools, to simplify the operation of an online store for the merchants.

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The company has been mentioned in reports that it has around 1,000,000 clients in approximately 175 countries that are using its platform. With a total revenue exceeding $ 41.9 billion by 2019. The company is well-known for two services:

Attractive Designs

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Bizz Directions is a top Shopify development services firm providing customized e-Commerce solutions across the globe. We are a specialized Shopify development agency known for our technical excellence, dedicated in-house team of Shopify developers, and proactive development approach. Being an expert Shopify development company – We are experts in designing and developing highly personalized Shopify e-stores for all business sizes. At Bizz Directions, we follow the best coding practices to deliver reliable and mobile-centric Shopify e-commerce stores.

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Bizz Directions partners with mid-size and enterprise-level businesses who use Shopify to power their eCommerce efforts. Our team works with clients to optimize the setup of their Shopify store and drives revenue through SEO efforts.

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Bizz Directions has enabled several brands and experts to set up and run an online store swiftly without worrying about technology. It bargains a flexible and prevailing feature-rich experience that can precisely comply with the different online marketplace needs of recent SMEs and big Enterprises. Unquestionably, the Shopify e-Commerce platform has come a very long way and demonstrated itself as a well-designed and powerful e-Commerce system. Our Shopify development company shall help you in designing of exclusive product showcase or comprehensive sales channel, changing the same into responsive HTML, applying it as Shopify theme, carrying out customizations, and also managing maintenance at a later stage and so forth. You can take advantage of our highly reckoned Shopify Development Agency to grip everything ranging from setting up a Shopify online store to handling it further.

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Our full-service approach to Shopify optimization helps mid-size and enterprise-level companies on Shopify reach their sales goals.

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Our team works diligently to optimize your Shopify store setup, adjust your theme, set up conversion tracking, and get your store ranking well in Google. We have decades of experience working in eCommerce and have built new Shopify sites and optimized existing ones.

Shopify vs WooCommerce

The number of product variants and options that you can use (without application) in Shopify is somewhat limited. Many WordPress options give you more flexibility in this regard. WordPress SEO is a little better than Shopify. But WordPress is a better option than Shopify to create multilingual projects.


  • What Exactly Does Shopify Do?

    Shopify is a software service subscription that offers you to create a website and use your shopping cart solution to sell, ship and manage your products. With your service, you have access to an easy-to-use admin panel where you can add products, process orders, and enter store data.
  • How Much Is Shopify Per Month?

    Shopify Basic costs $29 a month. The Shopify Master Plan costs $79 per month. Advanced Shopify costs $299 per month.
  • Is Shopify Com Legit?

    Shopify is safe and legitimate. They are a publicly traded company with large investments in software and security engineering. However, there are many factors that influence the speed of a website, since Shopify can handle speed and security at a "global" platform level, they can do it well.
  • Is It Better To Sell On Amazon or Shopify?

    Although Amazon's individual plan is more suitable for small sellers, Shopify generally offers better value for money. It's cheaper than Amazon's professional plan, and it's much more scalable and transparent with its Amazon pricing, making it easier to budget.
  • Can You Buy Stuff On Shopify?

    Shopify Buy Button allows merchants to create an embedded product card and leave it that can be placed on any type of website. Try Shopify free for 90 days, without a credit card. By entering your email, you agree to receive marketing emails from Shopify.
  • Is Shopify Worth The Cost?

    If you have any knowledge and a smaller store, Shopify prices will be expensive. If you want to focus on operating and marketing your store (and prefer known monthly costs), the Shopify price will truly be an incredible value.

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  • Development
  • Store Setup
  • SEO Ready

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  • Development
  • Store Setup
  • SEO Ready
  • Content Writing
  • Articles/Blogs

Enterprise Level


  • Design
  • Development
  • Store Setup
  • SEO Ready
  • Content Writing
  • Articles/Blogs